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Application development
Inactu can perform application development and customization for your call center integration and software development projects.  This includes; design, development, quality assurance, deployment and project management.
Knowledge management
We provide a host of services around making your call center more productive by developing, maintaining and using in-house and third party knowledge.  This includes; knowledge creation, life-cycle maintenance and delivery to agents and end-users.
Offshore outsourcing
Our company provides assistance with a variety of components that comprise the life cycle of an outsourcing project, including:  analysis, design, implementation, transition and management.
Featured offshore location
Cape Town South AfricaConsider South Africa as an offshore location for your customer care program.
Knowledge management

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We provide services relating to knowledge management engagements that include the applications used to manage these types of engagements as well as the content used within the systems.  In addition, we also work with companies on the knowledge management process so as to drive to a turnkey knowledge solution that works.


The types of projects and engagements we pursue are:

  • Knowledge management systems
  • Training & eLearning systems
  • Integrating knowledge management solutions in to CRM and call tracking systems
  • Self-help web portals for internal and external users
  • Reporting systems
  • Custom engagements

Content Type

There are many different content types that companies can choose to embrace.  Amongst others, these are:

  • How to content (e.g. short to-the-point answers to individual questions)
  • Rich text content (e.g. HTML, PDF, etc.)
  • Multimedia content (e.g. Flash, WMV, etc.)
  • Document based content (e.g. manuals, guides, etc)
  • Interactive content
  • Self-healing solutions
  • Multi-lingual content

Call center interaction

Integrating knowledge management in to a call center is always challenging as typically these initiatives fall in to disuse after a while.  Here is how Inactu can help you:

  • Knowledge process development
  • Agent training and improvement
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) development
  • Knowledge tools and repositories
  • Knowledge deliver to agents and end-users
  • Knowledge evolution so as to prevent Knowledge Management initiatives from failing

The ultimate goal with any good Knowledge Management solution in call centers is to"

  1. Reduce calls.
  2. Drive call handle time down.
  3. Improve effectiveness of new agents
  4. Improve customer satisfaction.
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